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Killer Manhattans

I recently discovered this method of making a fantastic manhattan. This is served straight up, like a manhattan should be.

Fill your metal tumbler with ice, and first add a few drops of the sweet vermouth. Then strain the vermouth out. Add three shots of whiskey (preferably VO), and a drop of bitters. Fit the glass in the tumbler and shake. The way I shake is kind of an over-the-shoulder, side-to-side kinda way. Never up-and-down. Strain it out into the martini glass (it better be chilled!), and add the cherry. Then take a strip of orange rind, rub along the rim, and then twist it over the drink to release the oils, but don't drop it in. Now it's ready to serve.

I better go. I'm at work and using the concierge desk (the bar's slowwwwww tonite)
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