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Hello and welcome to my brand-new community for bartenders, Bartenders United! I'm really hoping to get a good response and a good membership turnout. My rules here are simple, and that's don't be rude. I have absolutely no problem removing you from this community. So without further ado, here's some info on yours truly:

Name: Jenn M.
Codenames: Mac, Tristessa
Location: Savannah GA
Place of Employment: The Inn at Ellis Square (a Days hotel)
Specialty Cocktails: Martinis, margartias, hurricanes, cream drinks
Favortite liquor: Tanqueray gin
Favorite cocktail: Tom Collins
Jenn Believes: Being a good bartender is about drink knowledge, quickness under pressure, and good cutomer service. It is NOT about being able to flip bottles and do crazy performances. Your tip total at the end of the night does not always indicate how good of a bartender you are. Cutting someone off who's had too many makes you the good guy, not the bad guy.
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