Viola Da Gamba of Fate (jonqiuito) wrote in behindbarz,
Viola Da Gamba of Fate

Seeking advice from bartenders in Atlanta

I recently enrolled in the Atlanta Professional Bartending School, aka on the net. Since enrolling I spoke to a couple of friends (years absent) who used to bartend and neither attended bartending school. One started working at a dinner theatre doing the projector, began helping as barback and then became a bartender on slow shifts and worked her way up. The other started as a server and then she learned the bar.

So is the 2 week school and certificate going to really help me? I feel that having drinking mixing practice and a text and job placement will help, but now I question whether or not a certificate from the school is going to help get me noticed or even in the door.

I decided on bartending because I want to return to grad school. I need a job with a flexble night schedule that pays well enough for me to give up teaching and allows me to take classes during the day.

Thanks all!
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