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More stuff about orange peels

So my best friend Jester were at Locos Friday nite and he ordered his usual cosmopolitan and received it while I was out having a smoke. Came back and he told me that the cosmo was indeed kick-ass, so I gave it a taste. I love cosmos myself, and I was VERY impressed by the taste of it. It was more like, "Damn, I can't even make one that good!" So we asked the waiter what vodka was used, and he said it was just well vodka. However, instead of a lime garnish, it had an orange peel twist. I could tell that it had been rubbed along the rim and dropped it. Needless to say, I will be using the method from now on when I make cosmos at my bar, because it was absolutely fantastic.

djricerocket69 sez: "It's an orgasm in a glass!"
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